Our own factory specializes in system integration cabinets and boxes, including low-voltage power distribution cabinets, industrial control and automation cabinets and the latest solar photovoltaic DC power distribution cabinets and control cabinets which are widely used in oil and energy industry, Industrial manufacturing,building industry, real-estate,etc.

The components and accessories used in the system integration products include low-voltage AC and DC electrical components produced by our own factory, as well as products of ABB, Schneider, Siemens and other famous brands, including circuit breakers, frequency converters, soft starters , PLC modules and other products. In addition, our company can also provide energy storage products and solutions.
These products have been exported and delivered to our foreign customers, and have received unanimous praise from them. If you have similar product requirements, welcome to contact us.


Power distribution box




Post time: Dec-21-2022